wil thomason


May 2024
Apr 2024
I have been invited to give a spotlight talk at the 3rd annual Texas Regional Robotics Symposium (TEROS)!
Jan 2024
Sep 2023
Jul 2023
I’ve been invited to participate in the NSF-sponsored Workshop on Software Engineering for Robotic Systems at IROS 2023.
Oct 2022
I’m organizing and running the Workshop on Evaluating Motion Planning Performance at IROS 2022. Come by on Oct. 23!
Jul 2022
Jan 2022
I’ve started at the Kavraki Lab
Aug 2021
I successfully defended my PhD!
Jul 2021
I have been awarded the CRA CIFellows 2021 postdoctoral fellowship to conduct a 2-year postdoctoral appointment with Professor Lydia Kavraki
I helped to organize and run the RSS Pioneers 2021
Jul 2020
I will be helping to organize RSS Pioneers 2021 as a member of the Faculty Committee
Apr 2020
I was accepted to the 2020 RSS Pioneers workshop (33.7% acceptance rate)
Jul 2019
Jun 2019
My workshop paper with Ross Knepper, “A Flexible Sampling-Based Approach to Task and Motion Planning”, will be presented at RSS 2019 in the Robust Task and Motion Planning workshop
I passed my A Exam, presenting on “An Efficient, Flexible Sampling-Based Approach to Integrated Task and Motion Planning”. I’m now a PhD candidate
Nov 2017
Jul 2017
Apr 2017
I was awarded the NDSEG Fellowship
Mar 2017
I was awarded the NSF GRFP Fellowship
Oct 2016
Jun 2016
May 2016